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Reverser manifesto

A story of audacity and authenticity.


Mindset and heartset - Being fully human in a digital context

  • Being an entrepreneur of yourself.
  • Feel the Brand: everyone is a Brand.
  • Ambassador and responsible for the happiness of the colleagues.
  • Celebrate success and have fun together.


Being a contributor - Make the difference, every day

  • Work on finding different solutions instead of blaming others.
  • Remove all obstacles, don't leave things as they are.
  • Whenever it’s possible, make decisions in autonomy, following our values and purpose.


Improvement addiction - Nonstop learning company

  • Learning constantly, from everyone, be curious and bring the skills into the team.
  • Everyone is an excellent listener: never let a Customer or a Colleague without a full valuable answer.
  • Inspiring colleagues with your focus on excellence and make them better.


Transparency, at all costs!

  • We are all informed where we are going and why.
  • Frequent open dialogue and debate at all levels about Company strategy, business problems, new opportunities - everybody can make a proposal.
  • Feedback, especially negative ones, always direct, face to face and real time (don't ruminate!).


Manager as coach

  • Being a leader means making connections, aligns passion with purpose, action with vision.
  • Helping the potential of all team members to emerge, creating a culture where people feel inspired, motivated, and empowered to do their very best work. (the more they grow, the best you did).
  • Each Team Leader has the responsability to build successors.


Hiring and development

  • We are looking for players who really care about Reverse Purpose and are aligned with our Values.
  • Recruiting is not only an HR stuff, it's a Company Project!
  • Promotion happens when you are a great contributor and a Value model for others.

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