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to be more human.

Our approach combines digital and human knowhow scientifically. We went in search of the stages in our recruitment process that were unnecessarily laborious for both us and our customers. Then, having identified anything that wasted time, energy or resources, we created specific technology to remove any parts of our work that were burdensome or repetitive.

Our technology is designed to free the human skills that make the difference, like knowing how to speak to people, understand their interests and expectations, and discover what gets their hearts beating. Behind our results and every perfect match between a company and a candidate, there is a very simple principle: be digital to be more human.

Federica Boarini, Head of International Development

“ As a digital native, I think Reverse has the perfect combination of a technological approach and a focus on human relations. Technology is an important ally for streamlining repetitive activities and dedicating more time to those where a human touch cannot be replaced. ”Federica Boarini, Head of International Development

The difference between
finding and employing

Today, finding the right candidate is only part of the problem. The stage at which competition between recruiting companies really emerges is the offer of employment. We have learnt this through our experience with hyper-specialised figures. We are talking about the Headhunting sphere in which ten companies are on the lookout, but only one candidate is available. 

Thanks to our focus on the candidate as a person, we study very precisely who they are and what interests them. What is their reason for changing job? What are the company characteristics that particularly attract their attention? We speak their language, we study them in depth, we understand them. And we recruit them.

and innovation

We used to call each other a name that after a while our customers started using too. It was: Reversers. Reversers are people whose minds are in perpetual motion and who have a particular interest in human beings. They suffer terribly whenever they see things that are not working perfectly and that is why they never stop experimenting and looking for new ways of doing things.

They are a strange hybrid of scientist, dreamer and pirate, always in search of solutions to improve the services they offer and the experience of companies and candidates. They have a vision that simplifies reality without impoverishing it. If you work with a Reverser today and you think they’re the best, you can be sure that in six months’ time, they’ll be even better.

Beatrice Böhm, Marketing and Communication Manager

“ When we see that a service is not organised in the best possible way, we cannot ignore it. We know we can improve it and that we need to do it as soon as possible. ”Beatrice Böhm, Marketing and Communication Manager

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