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A Great Place
to Work.

What we believe in, is what makes us unique. In 2022, for the third consecutive year, we were classified among the Best Workplaces in Italy. Over the years we have been awarded among the best companies for millennials and for women. Among the values ​​that have allowed us to obtain these awards are first of all our attention to inclusiveness and gender equality, put into practice with real equal pay and access to managerial roles.

Our organisation also includes flexible and smart working processes. So, everyone can work where they want and arrange a work timetable with their team without having to ask for permission. Lastly, we are particularly sensitive to young talent and we encourage their internal growth from juniors to managers through personalised training programmes. Many other things, too, like English courses for Reversers’ children, a work environment with a relaxation area, a room with exercise treadmills and memorable company events, all help us emphasize the value of our people. This is what makes Reverse a Great Place to Work.

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Valuable people,
people with values.

If you are looking at this page, it is because something must have touched you, some technology we have invented, or a work method or promise. Perhaps it is just our way of speaking so clearly and intensely. 

If you are here, it means we have already moved past the pre-selection phase, and it is time to reveal what makes Reverse one of the most attractive and pleasant environments you are ever likely to work in. So, here are our values and purpose, the goals we strive to reach every day:

Reverse values:
  • We embrace technology and innovation with passion and curiosity
  • We want to achieve the wow effect on a daily basis, both internally and externally
  • We are a team of fair professionals who all welcome challenges with positivity
  • We believe that we obtain our results when we give up all our excuses
  • We believe in profit created by happy people
Reverse Purpose:
  • We aim to bring value to people's lives: in every relationship we build and every interaction we have
Daniele Bacchi, CEO

“ At Reverse we all work towards measurable goals that we share and discuss with the entire company population every three months. At Reverse we have a clear mission “To bring value to every relationship we have.” At Reverse we don’t believe in top-down policies and rules. The talented people we work with don’t need them because they share our values and act as a consequence. ”Daniele Bacchi, CEO

Reverser manifesto

A story of audacity and authenticity.

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We select the best.
Even if they are well hidden.

The bad news is that we are taking on headhunting giants from all around the world, so we can only put the best players in our team. The good news is that we can see beyond even what you know about yourself. We can see your future and imagine the professional you will be after several years with us. To achieve this depth of analysis, our selection process includes four interviews. The first is with our People&Culture Manager who will assess your soft skills and whether they are consistent with our company values and culture. The second is with the Team Leader who will imagine how you will behave in a work group. 

In the third interview, the Area Manager will probe your technical skills. The last interview is with the CEO, who will want to see all the energy and spirit of innovation you can bring. Even if it is an in-depth process, it is handled simply and rapidly, thanks to brief video-calls and a digital test to measure your culture-fit. It allows us to get to know you at every level: technical, interpersonal and cultural. In exchange, you will get to know us, too, and understand whether we are the right company for you.

Two career paths

We structure personalised growth and training courses for all our professional figures. For the roles covered by most of the people at Reverse, Headhunters and sales consultants, our paths have been tried, tested and much appreciated by numerous Reversers.

Whether you have the soul of a Headhunter or the talent of a sales consultant, our paths are designed to transform you from an intern to a team leader in just over two years. But only if you are serious about it.

Our Delivery Path

To become a Headhunter. If you join us as an intern, you will start as a Talent Finder and soon become a black belt in the use of our IT tools. And after six months you will already know how to speak to customers and candidates. The next step will be to become an HR Project Manager who can handle small and medium-sized customers. After a year, if your growth is positive, in terms of both culture-fit and goals reached, you will become a Senior HR Project Manager, a high-level professional who handles recruitment and consultancy services for medium-large companies.

This is the moment at which you will begin to understand whether you want to operate independently or would rather work with other people. In fact, after a year and a half of successes you will be given the opportunity to choose between becoming a Delivery Manager and coordinating your own team, or becoming a Headhunter and being a guru for specific industries.

Our Strategy Path

dedicated to sales consultants. If you are gaining your first experience as a sales consultant, you will begin as an HR Strategy Consultant, handling small customers independently and larger customers alongside your manager. After a year, if you grow both in terms of culture-fit and goals reached, you can become an HR Strategy Advisor, and manage consultancy and assistance processes independently for medium to large companies. You will then begin to understand whether you like the idea of managing other people or whether you would prefer to work independently.

In fact, after a year and a half of positive quality and quantity results, you can choose whether to become a Service Manager and coordinate your own team, or a Key Account Manager, specialised in certain key companies.

Listen to the Reverser’s music

These are the playlists accompanying your days at Reverse.

We develop
your skills

Reverse grows because people grow. If you become one of us, your professional growth will be stimulated through a scientific method made up of specific training paths for juniors, seniors and team leaders and featuring national and international trainers. Right from the first day you will be welcomed with an onboarding project, structured to suit your role and featuring important feedback moments with your manager and simulations for putting you in contact with customers.

We will develop your skills with constant care to help you become a high-value professional, who can build important relationships, work on projects as part of a team and make contact with any kind of target group. You will always want to achieve better results because you will be promoted on merit and not on seniority.

Some of our juniors have become team leaders in just two years. Thanks to their talent and a system that knows exactly how to help them grow. How do we help you grow so rapidly? Training is without doubt extremely important, but it is not our only weapon. We are passionate about feedback, as it is one of the main tools that helps us develop people.

Every quarter, in fact, you will both self-assess your progress and be assessed by your manager with a view to continuously improving your professional status. Every six months you will also be involved in a peer feedback process, as exchanges between colleagues are essential for both individual and team growth.

Lorenzo Cattelani, Managing Director Italy

Believe in the mission. We often repeat this slogan when we talk to each other, but it’s never a case of empty words. It expresses the humility, daring and sense of responsibility we all have. ”Silvia Orlandini, Chief People Officer

Annual training courses.

Every year our Team Leaders participate in a training project designed specifically for them, to make them increasingly strong guides for their teams. In fact, we believe that a good Team Leader makes the difference in the growth of tomorrow's talents.

The active path in 2022 is called "Team Leader as a Coach". The Reversers are involved in several days with Agile School aimed at stimulating their desire and skills to be not only technical guides, who teach a profession, but also real coaches who help resources to achieve their goals. A modern managerial path, not the usual leadership course.

The International Team.

We want to take over the world, one step at a time. That is why, in addition to our Italian branches, we also have a base in Germany, in our Berlin offices, from which we operate throughout Northern Europe. Every year our company goals push us to widen our field of action, and in 2021 we will enter the French market. Our International Team is the work group dedicated to this expansion. It consists of HR Consultants from different cultures, who live in Berlin, Milan and Bologna. They travel a lot, are fluent in at least three languages and handle mandates for both foreign companies and Italian enterprises who need to expand outside Italy.

If this journey interests you, the best way to become a part of it is the Reverse European Exchange Program, a project that features 3 months in Bologna and 3 in Berlin. Coming aboard now means participating in Reverse’s best years when our multinational vision is booming.

We are looking for
travel companions

If your profile does not tally with any of our vacant positions, send us a general application.

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