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human resources science
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Fast, decisive,
on time.

The feedback that our customers leave highlights these strengths, and we are pleased to see that they correspond to our values.


Fast, decisive,
on time.

Thanks to our method that combines technology and human commitment, we always keep our promise to help companies and recruit the people who bring the most value, within a clear time frame.

We want to achieve the wow effect on a daily basis, both internally and externally

Rossella Benincasa

“ When we wrote our company values, we started from what we really are. Often the opposite takes place, a team of copywriters draws up a high-sounding list and then pins it on the noticeboard. We are different in this respect, too. ” Rossella Benincasa, Service Manager


Tailored projects.
For real.

Our project management is based on Agile methodology that includes the customer company as an integral part of project development. That is why we have no pre-packaged services, but only tailor-made projects created together with your HR Managers. Like clothes designers, we move around you, getting to know all your needs and qualities. With agility, precision and ease.

We are a team of fair professionals who all welcome challenges with positivity



Our teams combine Scouts specialised in professional hard skills with Headhunters specialised in sectors, including: Banking, Finance & Insurance, Pharma, Healthcare & Life Science, Consultancy & ICT/Digital Engineering & Telco, Manufacturing & Industrial, Fashion & Luxury, Automotive & Energy / Oil & Gas, Retail, Logistics, Food.

We believe that we obtain our results when we give up all our excuses


and constantly better.

Reverse is a continuously evolving organism. With us, innovation is never random and initiatives are never based on the individual. We are structured to welcome improvement thanks to the way we track and analyse all our processes. When you work with us, you will notice small changes and innovations that increase our results and your satisfaction.

We embrace technology and innovation with passion and curiosity


We are company
development partners.

We put our experience and the science from the data we collect at the disposal of companies. Our Headhunters are consultants that find ways to overcome all the obstacles of third millennium Headhunting. Thanks to our work method and analysis technologies. But also due to our insistence on always starting from companies’ needs and not from our services.

We believe in profit created by happy people

Giovanna Grande

“ We like to think of the recruitment process as a journey that we take together with companies. That is why we have chosen to be completely transparent by sharing any thought or idea that can help correct our progress. The goal is only reached when the entire team reaches the top of the mountain. ” Giovanna Grande, Service Manager


We open a window
onto the world of HR.

We are always connected to the world of international Human Resources in order to intercept trends, ideas, news and best practices. We share everything we find through videos, e-books, newsletters and webinars that we put at the disposal of our customers. So, for HR Managers and other representatives, working with us is an opportunity for driving innovation in their companies, and even surprising them with breakthroughs that may not be common knowledge in Italy. Proof? Just follow our LinkedIn page or subscribe to our Newsletter. Everything you read will be a small contribution to improving your professional life.

We aim to bring value to people’s lives: in every relationship we build and every interaction we have

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