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Enter a new world,
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Finding the right role is the first step in the important journey of changing jobs. Every great journey begins with one step, but only a few paths lead to the summit. Together we will make sure that yours is one of them.

We offer our candidates
a great experience.

What our candidates find particularly appealing is that at a certain point in our selection process they are interviewed by a potential colleague with greater experience. This is one of our Scouts: a hyper-specialised professional who operates in the same professional area as the profile we are looking for. Scouts are at the heart of our Collaborative Recruiting® model that puts candidates in contact with people who have the knowhow to assess their hard skills properly.

Ensuring our candidates talk to a professional who speaks the same language, makes them feel valued and fully understood. They are the kind of senior colleagues that candidates respect and enjoy exchanging ideas with.

The entire Reverse headhunting process is designed to ensure that candidates enjoy an excellent interview experience, as this is also an initial testament to the value of the company they may join.

Sara Bombardini, Industry Leader

“ Listening carefully to our candidates allows us to accompany them towards new professional goals that they want to achieve or sometimes don’t even know they want. ”Sara Bombardini, Industry Leader

The first step:
the motivational interview

Your first contact will be with one of our Headhunters, who is an expert in the sector the company that is recruiting operates in. They have a comprehensive knowledge of the sector, the company, the position and the salary offered. This allows you to decide whether the position being offered is in line with your expectations.

The technical assessment
with our Scout

Before meeting the company, we organise a Technical Assessment interview with one of our Scouts. The interview focuses on the specific aspects of the role and allows us to assess your technical skills that cannot be completely understood by someone who is not an insider. This is the moment that makes the Reverse selection process so special. No other selection process offers you the opportunity to be assessed by someone who can really understand your professional experience.

The candidate’s

Our scientific method collects digital data at every step of the process to ensure continual improvement. After your assessment interview, it is your turn to assess us by leaving us your feedback on how you think the technical interview went and if it met your expectations. You don’t have to do this, but most of our candidates like to share their experiences with us. This data indicates that our system offers the best candidate experience ever. Here are some examples:

Our candidates'

"I liked this interview a lot. Especially the open questions where I could give some input on my background knowledge." Julia S.

"The Scout I was interviewed by was really great, we kicked off a great conversation and after a little know each-other time I think we actually had a blast talking about techinical difficulties and everything. Big thumbs up!" Alexander N.

What are the other benefits of looking
for a job with us? Here they are.

  • Positions on our website
    the vacant positions are all real. No loss leader ads.
  • Feedback for candidates
    we always leave feedback, even when the company decides not to continue.
  • Easy applications
    you can complete the process in just a few clicks. We do not send applications or CVs by email because it is against our policy of safeguarding candidates’ data.
  • Interview times
    our interviews, especially the Technical Assessments with our Scouts, are conducted through video calls, normally outside work hours to make the process more convenient for managers and professionals with work commitments.
  • Data and privacy checks
    all data is handled in compliance with GDPR standards. We do not send CVs by email as that would mean relinquishing our control of candidates’ data, and even if they are already in data banks, we do not send candidates’ CVs without first asking for specific authorisation.
Silvia Fiori, Delivery Manager

“ When we create a relationship with a candidate, we don’t just present a job vacancy, we offer them an opportunity, a dream, a chance. We feel we have won when the person goes to work happier and the company adds value to its business. ”Silvia Fiori, Delivery Manager

Enter a new world,
choose your next job

Finding the right role is the first step in the important journey of changing jobs. Every great journey begins with one step, but only a few paths lead to the summit. Together we will make sure that yours is one of them.

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