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human resources science
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Specialised villages.
Our Industry Teams.

Reverse is a lush forest inhabited by our Industry Teams, Headhunter villages and HR Consultants, specialised in 10 market sectors. These are the 10 sectors that we focus most of our time on, but thanks to our Scouts and Collaborative Recruiting® method we have also been able to satisfy niche sectors. The Headhunters from all of our Industry Teams offer companies real added value thanks to their highly specialised knowledge, gained through training and on-field experience.

Their in-depth knowledge of dynamics and sector trends, their ability to understand customers’ requirements and the fact they speak the same language make our consultants trusted partners for customer companies throughout the recruitment process.

Our areas
of specialization
Banking, Finance & Insurance
Pharma, Healthcare & Life Science
Consultancy & ICT/Digital
Engineering  & Telco
Manufacturing & Industrial
Fashion, Luxury & Retail
Automotive & Energy / Oil & Gas
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