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Recruitment for the Food industry

Our Food division is made up of Headhunters specialising in the Food industry, in production as well as distribution, marketing and catering. The Headhunters in this team have a background that makes them the perfect points of contact for companies and candidates in this sector.

The expertise of the Headhunters, who assess soft skills, is backed up by the technical expertise of the Scouts: professionals from outside Reverse who have been working in the Food sector for years and are involved in analysing candidates' hard skills. This synergy, which is the foundation of Collaborative Recruitment, means that we can put forward candidates that fit every aspect of a role, from their motivation and culture to the technical skills required in the Food industry.

The Headhunters dedicated to this sector understand the challenges and needs of all the different aspects of the Food world, and thanks to the skills they have honed in this field, they know how to oversee the search and selection processes for different roles including: Brand Manager, Buyer, Sales Manager, Export Manager, Retail Manager, Quality Manager, Marketing Manager, Production Manager, Plant Manager, Research and Development Manager, Restaurant Manager and Sommelier.

The years spent working alongside small and large players in the Food industry mean that we have developed a vibrant network of professionals to work with, and as well as understanding their wishes and their needs, we also speak their language.

Regularly dealing with businesses in the Food sector means that we fully understand the market and can guarantee our customers a timely, meticulous selection of the best candidates.

The technology that we develop internally, including the software used by our Headhunters and the platforms that we share with clients, are tools that are designed for us and that grow with us: the technology adapts to the work done by our Headhunters in the Food sector and makes their job easier.

To make sure they are best-placed to manage professionals in the Food sector, our specialist Headhunters attend regular training courses to stay up to date with the needs of the market and the latest trends in an industry that is constantly evolving. This means that we know that we can always offer the best possible experience both to companies and to candidates who embark on the selection process accompanied by one of our Headhunters. In fact, there are different interview stages with each candidate, and each one is organised so that it gives us the opportunity to carry out an in-depth analysis of one particular aspect, from hard skills to soft skills, from motivation to values. Indeed, the ideal profile for a company isn't just someone who fulfils all the necessary requirements: they also need to share the prospective employer's values, so that they can be a real game changer who will make their mark on the business, especially in the evolving world of Food.

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Our areas
of specialization

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Our Banking, Finance & Insurance Industry Team is made up of individuals specialising in cybersecurity, risk management, digital product innovations, branch staff and investment banking.

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Pharma, Healthcare & Life Science

Our dedicated Pharma, Healthcare & Life Science team is made up of Headhunters specialising in relationships with companies that manufacture medical devices, health informatics, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals in the public and private sectors.

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Consultancy & ICT/Digital

The Consultancy & ICT/Digital Industry Team is made up of Headhunters specialising in consultancy, ICT and Digital Technology. Their experience includes a wide range of skills typical of this Industry, such as Digital Transformation, CyberSecurity, Software Development, Big Data, Business Intelligence, IT Governance, IT Risk Management, ERP and CRM.

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Engineering & Telco

Engineering & Telco is Reverse's department made up of Headhunters specialising in searching and selecting individuals with a technical background and relevant design skills, which are increasingly sought after by companies with structured R&D departments.

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Manufacturing & Industrial

Manufacturing is a broad sector, with many different markets, and one that is constantly adapting both to the needs of consumers and to the latest innovations in production technologies.

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Fashion, Luxury & Retail

Our Fashion, Luxury & Retail Industry Team is made up of Headhunters who are experts in search and selection for roles including Sourcing & Costing Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Buyer, Retail Manager, Category Manager, Brand Manager, Visual Merchandiser, Store Manager, Product Manager, Customer Relations Manager, e-Commerce Manager.

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Automotive & Energy / Oil & Gas

Our Automotive & Energy / Oil & Gas Industry Team specialises in relationships with System Engineers, Electrical and Mechanical Designers, Site Managers, Buyers, Plant Managers, Maintenance Managers, Product Specialists, Technical Department Managers, AutoCad Experts, Design Engineers and Project Managers.

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The role of our Logistics Industry Team is to respond to the search and selection needs of European companies looking for logistics and transport staff.

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Our Food division is made up of Headhunters specialising in the Food industry, in production as well as distribution, marketing and catering.

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