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International Department.
Recruitment beyond borders.

Recruiting in a country that is not your own means getting to know the mentality, characteristics and requirements of the new destination. Our International Department consists of Headhunters, Scouts and HR Consultants specialised in foreign markets. They are a solid bridge for helping Italian companies that need to recruit abroad or for foreign companies that want to develop their recruiting results with our scientific method. 

They have an expert knowledge of the dynamics in the job market you are looking to hire in and they have hiring strategies that suit your needs perfectly. In addition to our Italian branches, our International Department is based in Germany, in our Berlin offices, from where it operates throughout Northern Europe.

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A team bridging cultures and businesses all over the world.

Over 15 multicultural professionals, assisted by dozens of Talent Scout work in our International Department, our window to Europe and the world.

They are familiar with the peculiarities of international environments and help clients that need assistance in the selection and hiring processes in countries whose cultural trends they are not well-acquainted with.

Which procedures have to be followed if an Italian company wants to hire a manager for their German branch? Which one is the best selection process for an English company that is looking for the right candidate in France?

Our International Department is the ideal facilitator between people and businesses with different cultural backgrounds. It will guide you through the intricate processes of recruiting abroad with a steady pace and the right awareness.

Are you a talent and do you want
to join our International Department?

Our International Department consists of HR Consultants who live between Berlin and Bologna, travel often, are fluent in at least three languages and handle mandates for both Italian and foreign companies looking for resources abroad. The best way to join the team is through the Reverse European Exchange Program, a project that begins with three months in Bologna and then continues in Berlin.

If you already have significant professional experience, coming aboard now means participating in Reverse’s best years when our multinational vision is booming.

If you are a sales manager or have always wanted to start a career in the sales sphere, this opportunity will bring you into contact with companies all over the world and help you become their trusted HR consultant.

If you are a Headhunter or passionate about building a career in this sphere, you will be able to find “A players” for our customers, help them define a recruiting strategy, construct close relationships with various stakeholders and become a trusted partner for both customers and candidates. All this is just a small part of the fascinating work of the international Headhunter.

Claudia Neuhoff, P&C-Corporate Trainer

“ Accompanying customers and defining the best hiring strategy with them is a process that at first glance looks the same, whether you are in Italy, France or Germany. This journey, however, has endless cultural nuances and our task is to take the customer by the hand and guide them towards success by recruiting the best talent in the reference market. ”Claudia Neuhoff, P&C-Corporate Trainer

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