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Version 03, March 2024

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Definitions
3. Purpose and Services
4. Postponement
5. Access to the Website
6. Browser obligations
7. Company involvement in the relationship between the Customer and the Candidate
8. Information on the Website
9. Links and malware
10. Industrial and intellectual property

1. Introduction

Reverse S.p.a. (‘Reverse’) is the owner of all rights to the Reverse® trademark (Registration No. 302021000113756, 'Trademark'), the Recruiting Collaborativo trademark and to the related domain names and distinguishing marks that contain it (‘Distinguishing Marks’).
B. By means of the Trademark and Distinguishing Marks, as well as the website accessible at the URL ('Website'), Reverse promotes its recruitment and selection activities, publicises open positions and collects applications (the 'Purpose').|
C. This disclaimer forms part of the general rules governing access to and navigation on the Website and, unless otherwise provided, the terms and conditions therein are valid and effective for all countries worldwide.

2. Definitions

The expressions below conventionally indicated with a capital letter (whether singular or plural) have the following meanings:

  • Privacy Policy: regulates the privacy standards published on the Website related to the handling of personal data (Candidate Privacy, Client Privacy, Scout Privacy);
  • Position: a job offer displayed on the Website and linked to a client, as defined below;
  • Mandate: a mandate granted by the Company to a Scout, as defined below, to perform specific tasks with the aim of fulfilling the Purpose;
  • Scout: the individual, possessing specific requirements, who, by virtue of the Position, is tasked with identifying a shortlist of suitable candidates, conducting an in-depth evaluation of their experience through interviews conducted via a web conference (e.g. Skype) and preparing a subsequent analytical report of the skills and abilities observed in the candidate;
  • Candidate: any individual who, by completing the form on the Website, submits their CV in respect of a specific Position and provides their identification details (name and surname) and a verified email address.
  • Client: any individual who, as a purchaser, uses the services provided by the Company and, in particular, the candidate search and selection service;
  • Client Representative: an individual who acts on behalf of and in the name of the Client, to secure registration on the Website and access to the Client’s reserved area, thus binding the Client to all legal effects. On registration on the Website, the Company provides the Client Representative with authentication credentials (user ID and password), enabling access to the online reserved area, which contains the Client’s personal data ('Reserved Area');
  • Browser: any individual who accesses the Website, including non-authenticated users;
  • Actors: Scout, Candidate, Client, Client Representative and the Company;
  • Data: the personal data of Scouts, Candidates, Clients and Browsers, either provided by them or collected during browsing, in compliance with the Privacy Policy accessible on the Website.

3. Purpose and Services

The Website hosts a web platform intended to provide Services to fulfil the Purpose ('Services'), including, but not limited to, the following: publication of Positions, management of the search and selection process, and management of interviews between Candidates and Scouts or between Candidates and Clients.
2. Through the Services, Clients are able to access their dedicated area in order to monitor the progress of the Mandate entrusted to the Company, and to identify the most suitable Candidate(s)
3. Clients avail themselves of the Services according to the terms and conditions agreed with the Company.

4. Postponement

The relations between the Actors are governed not only by these terms and conditions but also by specific contractual documents, the provisions published in the reserved area accessible to each Actor, by the conditions on the Website and the Terms of Use.
2. The Company’s Privacy Policy is published on the Website. To provide the highest level of privacy protection for individuals, in particular Candidates, Clients and Scouts, the Company bases its Privacy Policy on the rules laid down by the European Union, although they are not applicable in this context.

5. Access to the Website

Unless expressly agreed with the Client and the Scout, the Company does not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted access to the Services and the Website. Various factors beyond its control may affect the provision of Services or access to the Website. Access to the Website may be suspended and/or interrupted at the Company’s discretion; for example, for technical reasons of any kind, business decisions, fortuitous events or force majeure, or for the Browser’s breach of obligations outlined below. In such cases, the Browser shall have no claims against the Company.
2. Subject to any specific agreements with the Client and the Scout, the Company reserves the right to modify the Website and the methods of access to the Services at any time, even if such modifications entail a change to the content of the Services.

6. Browser obligations

The Browser agrees to access the Website and to use the Services in strict compliance with the mandatory civil, criminal and administrative regulations (local, regional, national, community and international), and in particular with the regulations on (i) personal data protection, (ii) copyright and industrial property rights, and (iii) cybercrime prevention, as applicable at any given time
1. Without prejudice to the above, the Browser undertakes to: (i) refrain from use of the Website for any purpose that is unlawful, illicit or which contravenes public order, morality or morality; (ii) abstain from transmission or dissemination of material through the Website that is incompatible with the Company's Purpose and Services, or which is unlawful, pornographic, racist, or otherwise obscene, vulgar, or defamatory; (iii) avoid transmission of material or messages that may incite others to engage in illegal or criminal behaviour leading to criminal, civil or administrative liability; (iv) refrain from sending commercial or promotional messages or engaging in spamming, chain letters or any other form of unlawful or non-netiquette communication; (v) avoid introduction of viruses, malware or other harmful programmes into the network or computer system that facilitate the provision of the Services that may interfere with, damage, intercept, delete or alter and/or personal data or information, and refrain from use of peer-to -peer programmes or similar software; (vi) abstain from actions that could result in an unreasonable burden or excessive load on the Website’s computer systems.

7. Company involvement in the relationship between the Client and the Candidate

The Company selects appropriate Candidates and offers guidance on the most suitable Candidate, thus remaining outside the pre-contractual, contractual and post-contractual relationships between the Client and the Candidate, with any obligations arising between them (for example, due to possible non-performance or delay in performance) the sole responsibility of those parties.

8. Information on the Website

The Company does not guarantee (i) the identity, legal capacity, sincerity of intent, good faith or any other of the Browser’s attributes, (ii) the quality, accuracy, legality or veracity of the Positions advertised on the Website for which the Client is wholly and exclusively responsible, or of the CVs for which the submitting Candidate is wholly and exclusively responsible.
2. The Browser shall regard the information on the Website as purely indicative, acknowledging that the Company bears no responsibility in relation to any deficiencies, inaccuracies or omissions, unless expressly agreed by the Actors.

9. Links and malware

Despite the Company’s periodic checks on the content of linked web pages, it assumes no responsibility for their content.
2. Additionally, although the Website undergoes periodic monitoring, the Company cannot guarantee that these pages are immune from viruses or other potentially harmful programmes. Before accessing the network and performing any tasks, such as downloading documents and software, the Browser must always implement the latest security measures.

10. Industrial and intellectual property

The Browser acknowledges that the Trademark and the Distinguishing Marks, along with the content, information, programmes, layouts, text and databases used by the Company, as well as any technical, conceptual and creative solutions present or adopted by the Company on the Website, are protected by copyright or are otherwise the exclusive property of the Company.
2. Browsers are expressly prohibited from using the Website for purposes not strictly related to the objectives and Purpose pursued by the Company and the Services offered by it. This includes, but is not limited to, reproduction, sale, modification, distribution, transmission, and republication, even in part, of the content, information, programmes, layouts, text and databases available on the Website and the associated websites, as well as the technical, conceptual and creative solutions adopted by the Company.

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