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Terms of use

Terms of use

Version “02”, February 2019,

Dear candidate, please read through these Terms of Use to complete the registration procedure. Let us remind you that Reverse, as specified below, does not give its clients free access to the database. Therefore, your profile (your CV) cannot be seen by clients unless you have first been contacted and provided us with your authorisation for each single mandate for the selection and recruitment process that we choose to involve you in.

Table of contents: 
1. Preamble
2. Definitions
3. Subject
4. Declarations of the registered User
5. Obligations of the registered User
6. Registration and cancellation
7. Rights of the Company as regards the CVs
8. Responsibilities of the registered User
9. Personal data processing Candidate Database
10. Final provisions

1. Preamble
A. By means of this Framework Agreement Reverse SpA (“Company”), VAT reg. no. and Italian tax code: 09714690964 – Italian Index of Economic and Administrative Data no. MI – 2109818, Registered Office in Piazza Sigmund Freud, 1 20154 Milan (Italy) governs the relations between itself and the registered users and candidates, as defined below.
B. no other conditions shall be held to be valid or effective. For any aspects that are not covered under these Terms of Use, please refer to (i) Cautionary Note and (ii) Privacy Policy (Candidate PrivacyClient Privacy and Scout Privacy) all present on the site.

2. Definitions
A. The terms below written by agreement with a capital letter (both in the plural and singular form) shall have the following meaning:

i. Management System: the Company’s management system connected to the web platform accessible through the URL https:/;
ii. Position: job opening published on the Management System and coming from a client, as defined below;
iii. Scout: an individual who meets specific requirements and has received a mandate from the Company appointing him/her to support the Service aimed at filling the Position; the Scout draws up a shortlist of suitable candidates, holds a conference-call interview (on Skype, for instance) in order to assess the candidate’s experience and then prepares a detailed report describing the candidate’s skills and abilities;
iv. Registered User: any natural person and user who has completed the registration process on the Management System and who has (amongst other things) a unique identifier, one or more curricula (“CVs) and an email address. Upon registering, the registered User gains access to the reserved area (“Reserved Area”). The User becomes a candidate when his/her CV is matched to a specific Position (“Candidate”): therefore, while the registered User may not necessarily qualify as a Candidate, a Candidate is always a registered User and the regulations envisaged for registered Users apply;
v. Client: any party that avails itself, in the capacity of a buyer, of the services offered by the Company with particular reference to selection and recruitment of personnel;
vi. Services: the full list of the Services with particular reference to the selection and recruitment service offered by the Company;
vii. Parties; the Company, the registered User and the Candidate;
viii. Participants: the Company, the Client, the registered User, the Candidate and the Scout;
ix. Privacy Policy: the privacy regulations that the Company publishes on its Management System as regards the processing of the personal data of the Participants and unauthenticated users;
x. Candidate Database: this is the database belonging to the Company and containing the Candidates’ CVs;
xi. Statement of truthfulness: a declaration confirming that the information in the CVs provided by the registered User when registering on the Management System corresponds to the truth.

3. Subject
A. The Terms of Use are the general regulations which govern relations between the Parties and the way the Services are used. Therefore, the Terms of Use do not govern the relations between the registered Users and the Clients given that the Company cannot be in any way considered to be part of pre-contractual, contractual and post-contractual matters for any contracts concluded or not concluded between the Client and the registered User who are the only parties bound by said contracts.

4. Declarations of the registered User
A. Upon registering on the Management System, the registered User declares:

i. that he/she accepts the nature, objectives and methods of implementation of the Services, meaning the selection and recruitment of personnel, as also specified in the Cautionary Note or in specifications/notes published on the Management System;
ii. that he/she accepts that the Company may suspend or interrupt the provision of Services, as explained in detail in the Cautionary Note;
iii. that he/she recognises the full effectiveness and validity of the communications made via the telephone numbers and/or to the email addresses (even if non-certified) provided to the Company and published in the Reserved Area;
iv. that he/she acknowledges that he/she is bound by any declarations of consent given in the Reserved Area and that he/she is fully responsible for activities carried out in said Area, being solely answerable for any misuse and/or unlawful use of the credentials enabling access and use of said Area;
v. that he/she has finished compulsory schooling in accordance with the law and is not less than 15 years old (at the time of application);
vi. that he/she excludes the possibility that the Scout and Company may have any responsibility for the outcome of the selection process;
vii. that he/she acknowledges that the Declaration of truthfulness is fully valid and effective.

5. Obligations of the registered User
A. The registered User undertakes:

i. to respect all the provisions contained in the Cautionary Note and Terms of Use, vouching to behave fairly and in good faith, and, more generally, to observe the procedures adopted by the Company for the use of the Management System and the Services;
ii. to provide accurate, complete and true data when registering on the Management System, declaring moreover that the information provided upon registration meets the aforementioned requirements;
iii. to update the information in a timely manner (this includes the email address provided in the Reserved Area and on the CVs uploaded there) so that the data present in the Area is accurate, complete and true at all times;
iv. not to publish in the reserved Area and on the CVs uploaded onto the Management System any contents which contravene regulations regarding privacy, copyrights and intellectual and industrial property rights or anything else which might harm the rights of the Company and/or third parties, including the Participants;
v. to promptly answer any current “request for interest” regarding a Position that the Company might make;
vi. not to upload the CVs of any third parties and not to answer Advertisements by making applications on behalf of third parties.

6. Registration and cancellation
A. The Company is entitled, at its own unfettered discretion and unquestionable judgement, not to accept registration requests coming from potential registered users and candidates which have not been duly completed or which, for reasons connected to its own company policy, it finds to be unacceptable (for instance, any requests coming from Users who are already registered or from registered Users involved in disputes).
B. The registered User may at any given point in time make a request to have the authentication credentials disabled by writing to the following email address: privacy[at]; this disablement request will be fulfilled within 7 days of receipt of the request; in such circumstances, if a selection process is underway, the Candidate will not be taken into consideration, without prejudice to the Client’s right to process the data contained in the CVs linked to the Positions published by the Company on the Candidates’ behalf on the Management System.

7. Rights of the Company as regards the CVsA.

Without prejudice to the commitments undertaken in the Privacy Policy, the Company reserves the right:

i. to select at its own unquestionable judgement and unfettered discretion (this includes using the services of the Scouts) the professional profiles emerging from a CV uploaded on the Management System and possibly matched to specific Positions with a view to submitting said profiles to the Client and to delivering the purchased Service;
ii. to give the Clients access to the data from the professional profiles emerging from a CV matched to the positions published by the Company on the Management System on behalf of the candidates under set conditions: indeed, the Company informs the registered User/Candidate that its clients do not have free access to the database and that the client can only see a Candidate’s CV at the end of a selection process – at this stage the Candidate will have been asked for his/her prior and specific authorisation for each mandate handled by the Company.

8. Responsibilities of the registered User
1. The registered User is solely responsible for storage, safekeeping, management and proper usage of the authentication credentials and shall therefore be held accountable in the event of misuse. The registered User will therefore remain bounden and will be answerable for all activities (including third-party activities) carried out using the authenticated credentials on the Management System and within the reserved Area. The registered User is solely responsible for the truthfulness of the data and information contained in the CVs and provided to the Company.

9. Personal data processing Candidate Database
A. The registered User declares:

i. that he/she has read and accepts the contents of the Privacy Policy adopted by the Company as regards his/her own data, with special but not exclusive reference to providing the Participants and third parties with the data for the usage of the Services, and to the way in which the Candidate Database is accessed;
ii. that he/she has read the Privacy Policy adopted by the Company as regards processing of his/her data by the Participants (with the related restrictions, with particular reference to the following: the CVs available for viewing by the Clients cannot be used for unlawful and/or illegitimate purposes and/or used by the Clients and/or third parties for sending advertising or commercial communications);
iii. that he/she accepts that the data contained in the CVs matched to specific Positions will be processed by the end Clients in their capacity as owners with all attendant responsibility even after the authentication credentials have been disabled and deleted from the Management System.

10. Final provisions
A. Should one or more provisions in the Terms of Use be declared null and void or non-applicable for any reason whatsoever, the other provisions will remain entirely effective and binding on the Parties involved. Amendments to the Terms of Use are published by the Company on the Management System and notice is provided in the reserved Area.
B. The amendments shall have immediate effect, with the exception of recruitment procedures for suitable Candidates already underway.

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