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Terms of use

Version 03, March 2024,

Dear Candidate, before completing the form, we kindly ask you to review the Terms of Use. Please note that Reverse S.p.A. does not allow its clients unrestricted access to the database. Therefore, your profile (your CV)  may not be shared with clients without prior communication and subsequent authorisation from you for each research and selection task in which you may be involved.

1. Introduction
2. Definitions
3. Subject matter
4. Candidate declarations
5. Candidate obligations
6. Company authority in relation to CVs
7. Candidate responsibilities
8. Processing of personal data: Candidate Database
9. Final provisions

1. Introduction

Reverse S.p.A. (‘Company’), VAT and Tax Code: 09714690964 – REA MI number – 2109818, Registered Office Piazza Sigmund Freud, 1 20154 Milan (MI), Italy, governs relations with candidates, as defined below, in accordance with and in compliance with the Terms of Use.

For anything not provided for in the Terms of Use, please refer to (i) the Disclaimer and (ii) the Privacy Policy (Candidate Privacy, Client Privacy and Scout Privacy), published on the Website, as defined below. The validity and effectiveness of other conditions is expressly excluded.

2. Definitions

The expressions below conventionally indicated with a capital letter (whether singular or plural) have the following meanings:
i. Website: The Company’s website can be accessed at the URL;
ii. Position: A job offer displayed by the Company on the Website and linked to a client, as defined below;
iii. Scout: the individual, in possession of
specific requirements, who, through a mandate received from the Company in order to support the service relating to a Position, is tasked with identifying a shortlist of suitable candidates, conducting an in-depth evaluation of their experience through interviews conducted via web conference (e.g. Skype) and preparing a subsequent analytical report of the skills and abilities observed in the candidate;
iv. Candidate: any individual who, by completing the form on the Website, submits their CV in respect of a specific Position and provides their identification details (name and surname) and a verified email address.
v. Client: any individual who, as a purchaser, uses the services provided by the Company and, in particular, the candidate search and selection Service;
vi. Services: the complete list of services and, in particular, the search and selection service offered by the Company;
vii. Parties: the Company and the Candidate;
viii. Actors: the Company, the Client, the Candidate and the Scout;
ix. Privacy Policy: the privacy policy published on the Website relating to the processing of personal data of Actors and non-authenticated users;
x. Candidate Database: the proprietary database of the Company containing the CVs of Candidates;
xi. Declaration of Veracity: declaration regarding the accuracy of the information provided in the CVs, affirmed by the Candidate at the time of submission of their application on the Website. 

3. Subject matter

The Terms of Use establish the general guidelines governing the relations between the Parties and the procedures for use of the Services. The Terms of Use do not regulate the relations between the Candidates and the Clients, as the Company does not participate in the pre-contractual, contractual and post-contractual interactions between the Client and the Candidate.

4. Candidate declarations 

The Candidate, by completing the application form on the Website and submitting their CV, declares the following:
i. to accept the nature, objectives and methods of execution of the Services or the search and selection of personnel, also specified in the Disclaimer or notes published on the Website;
ii. to acknowledge that the Company may suspend or discontinue the provision of the Services, as set out in the Disclaimer;
iii. to recognise the full effectiveness and validity of communications received at the provided email addresses, even if not certified;
iv. to have fulfilled all school obligations by law and to be at least 15 years of age;
v. to exclude any responsibility on the part of the Scout and the Company regarding the outcome of the selection process;
vi. to acknowledge the full validity and effectiveness of the Declaration of Veracity.

5. Candidate obligations

The Candidate agrees to:
i. adhere to the terms outlined in the Terms of Use, to act appropriately and in good faith and, in general, to abide by the procedures established by the Company for use of the Services;
ii. provide the requested data on the Website in an accurate, complete and truthful manner, ensuring that the provided data meets the aforementioned criteria;
iii. refrain from including in their CV or in any personal information, any content that contravenes the applicable regulations on privacy, copyright and intellectual and industrial property, or which may infringe the rights of the Company and/or third parties, including Actors;
iv. promptly respond to any current 'requests of interest' in relation to a Position, if such a request is made by the Company;
v. refrain from uploading CVs of third parties and from nominating third parties for Position advertisements.

6 Company authority in relation to CVs

Without prejudice to the obligations outlined in the Privacy Policy, the Company reserves the right to:

select, at its sole discretion and without dispute, potentially through the Scout, the professional profiles outlined in the CVs submitted by the Candidates on the Website and potentially linked to specific published positions, for the purpose of presentation to the Client in accordance with the purchased Service;

permit Clients to access the data of professional profiles outlined in the CVs associated with positions published by the Company on the Website on their behalf under specific conditions: the Company notifies the Candidate that it does not grant its Clients unrestricted access to its Candidate Database. Clients are able to view a Candidate's CV only if they are in the final phase of a selection process, indicating that the Candidate has previously granted specific authorisation for each mandate managed by the Company.

7. Candidate responsibilities

The Candidate bears sole responsibility for the accuracy of the data and information contained in the CV submitted to the Company.

8. Processing of personal data: Candidate Database

The Candidate declares:
i. to have thoroughly read and agreed to the Privacy Policy implemented by the Company concerning their personal data, in particular the disclosure of data to Actors and third parties for use of the Services and the method of access to the Candidate Database;
ii. to have reviewed the Privacy Policy implemented by the Company regarding the processing of their data by the Actors, with the associated prohibitions, including, but not limited to ensuring that CVs accessed by the Clients are not used for unlawful or unauthorised purposes, or for sending advertising or commercial materials by the Clients or third parties;
iii. to acknowledge that the data provided in the CVs linked to specific positions will be treated by the respective Clients as data controllers, with the corresponding responsibilities.

9. Final provisions

If any provision of the Terms of Use is deemed null or void for any reason, the remaining provisions shall remain fully effective and binding for the Parties. Any changes to the Terms of Use will be communicated to the Candidate by email and posted on the Website by the Company.
B. These amendments will take immediate effect, without prejudice to any procedures already underway to identify suitable Candidates.

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