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Be part of the change.

We have chosen to adopt a scientific approach at every stage of our work, which means we analyse our processes continually to find new areas of improvement. Every day we reinvent ourselves and ask: “What next?”. In this section we recount all the innovations we are implementing: new services, new work methods, new technologies and new cultures. We invite our customers to be part of the change by asking them to try out, today, a preview of the methods that will transform Headhunting tomorrow.

continuous improvement.

We believe in achieving continuous improvement by sharing our experience and data. We want to create a stable relationship with every customer and to do that we need to improve every time we work for them. That is why at the end of every mandate, we construct a retrospective to understand what we can do to improve our relationship. The strong relationship that we establish with candidates and companies allows us to collect precious information that we process digitally. It is a pillar of Agile methodology applied to recruiting.

Update for forward-thinking companies.
Constant and concrete.

We want to bring value to the world of HR beyond the mandates we are given. This is why we decided to add to the monthly newsletter that we send out to those who wish to receive it, short email cycles dedicated to key topics for advanced companies, such as Agile HR, OKR, process digitalization, and smart working management. This is our way of contributing to the evolution of companies and making ourselves appreciated for what we know, beyond the world of recruitment services.

In four or five concrete and operational weekly emails, we give you our best: in fact, it is one of our CEOs, Daniele Bacchi and Alessandro Raguseo, who goes into depth on the topic in question. We share everything that works for us and our experiments, showing you the heart of our organization.

Collaborative Recruiting®,
the evolution of Recruiting.

We have brought our Collaborative Business Model to this sector and created Collaborative Recruiting®, a solution that guarantees specialisation in every professional area. When selecting personnel, our Headhunters are flanked by an external specialist, that we call a Scout, who assesses the candidate’s hard skills. If the search mandate is in the Finance sector, the Headhunter will be flanked by a CFO. If the search mandate is in Sales & Marketing, they will be flanked by a Sales Director. Thanks to our technological platform, we work together with Scouts from all over Europe and we share with our customers the information we gather at every stage in our search.

In addition to guaranteeing a perfect match between the candidate’s hard skills and company requirements, Collaborative Recruiting® creates a unique candidate experience as it offers them the chance to talk to a professional specialist who operates in their own sector and therefore speaks the same language. This is extremely gratifying and improves the candidate’s experience of the first step in the selection process. (As we) will only succeed in employing candidates if we speak the same language as them. This is why, at the end of every interview with the Scout, we ask candidates to give us their feedback on our digital platform, in order to understand whether they were satisfied with the interview. The responses we receive paint a picture of a selection process that is effective, serious and satisfying. A recruiting experience equal to the talent of the candidates and the brands who are looking for them.

Daniele Donnini, CTO

“ Continuous improvement. Every year in our laboratory we produce new software and components for our Headhunters and customers. The continuous optimisation of our processes and technology is another ingredient that makes working with us so successful. ”Daniele Donnini, CTO


Forget long emails defining company requirements and which profiles to look for. We offer you technology that will change your experience of candidate design: a smart board on which we map out the company’s requirements and trace out its values and history in a visual format. We can only create the profile you are looking for once your company has been described clearly on our interactive board using visual tools.

Companies who try our candidate design method, fall in love with it immediately. Because they feel understood and they receive a clear image of the candidate to look for. This does not stop at the objective characteristics they need to have, like age and training, but also includes their values, professional expectations and character.

our electronic sleuth.

If we find candidates quickly, it is because of our Hound, the super sleuth we created in our laboratories. It sniffs out candidates wherever they are, in traditional social media highlands, like LinkedIn, or in the undergrowth of niche channels, like specific sector forums.

As soon as it finds a candidate, it digs and digs and collects all the information about them that is available on the web. This is fresh, organic information that has nothing to do with the stale and limited material from the usual databases. And, above all, this includes passive candidates, not just the normal active ones found in normal ATS. This continuous collection operation allows our Headhunters to view a vast range of information about a candidate, including our own past relations with them, in just one click. The information is out there, in the prairies of the web. You just have to know where to look. And how to organize it.

Jarvis, the virtual butler

Every superhero has a loyal assistant. At Reverse, Headhunters can count on Jarvis, a software program created in our laboratory that helps them organise all their search activities. Our studies show that every mandate has a specific number of tasks Headhunters need to perform (between 36 and 57), and Jarvis helps them research several mandates at the same time without losing track of anything. It shows them the tasks they need to do every day, the steps in the process currently in progress, the people to contact and any other activities linked to the projects. So, times are always monitored and we can focus on the most important mission: taking care of personnel.

Mandate Tracking, transparent Headhunting.

When companies give us a mandate, they can then just sit back and watch us work, like in a restaurant with an open kitchen. Thanks to an attractive interface, in fact, they can view the whole work process and enjoy its progress in real time. The information consists of pure diamonds that we don’t keep to ourselves. Every day, our Headhunters speak with tens of people and collect information that is crucial to company recruitment processes. This is the advantage of our data-driven scientific method. Every mandate becomes a project conducted together with no secrets. We are not and we will never be a black box. There is absolute transparency in everything we do. It is an invention that was needed in the recruitment sector.

Job Reputation

We have created technology that we use to trace all the responses of our active and passive candidates during sourcing, and from which we extract interesting objective conclusions. How many and which candidates have we contacted? Why are some candidates not interested? What is their main reason for changing job?

Who are the main competitor companies and how much are they willing to pay for the same profile? In every mandate, as well as presenting suitable candidates, we provide precious data that reveal why certain ideal candidates have refused to even begin the selection procedure for the company.

Sometimes the answer lies in the brand’s appeal, or a misalignment of compensation & benefits. Other times the reasons are deeper and unexpected. Our Job Reputation Analysis is a tool that allows us to take a data- driven approach and inform everyone of key issues and opportunities. Including the company's top management.

Elettra Paladini, Industry Leader

“ With Reverse you will never have the impression that you are "outside" our research, but rather that we are working in synergy as if we had always known each other. We are confident, too, that when it comes to new approaches and technologies, we are always one step ahead, even if we never lose sight of the human dimension that this responsibility brings. ”Elettra Paladini, Industry Leader

R&D Lab.

In our labs, we approach headhunting services with techniques and strategies typical of product development, such as continuous improvement and user experience. We always focus on one of our headhunters as the first consumer, who in turn communicates value to clients and candidates. Since our foundation, the research and development lab has produced a number of results that improve the daily life and performance of Reverser, increasing satisfaction and results.

Valentina Ippolito, Key Account Manager

“ Being able to present something new to customers every week gives us incomparable energy. We know that we bring real value because our inventions are born from a careful study of our customers’ needs. This is why our calls are never general follow ups, but proposals carefully designed to bring innovation. ”Valentina Ippolito, Key Account Manager

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