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human resources science
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Be part of the change.

We have chosen to adopt a scientific approach at every stage of our work, which means we analyse our processes continually to find new areas of improvement. Every day we reinvent ourselves and ask: “What next?”. In this section we recount all the innovations we are implementing: new services, new work methods, new technologies and new cultures. We invite our customers to be part of the change by asking them to try out, today, a preview of the methods that will transform Headhunting tomorrow.

continuous improvement.

We believe in achieving continuous improvement by sharing our experience and data. We want to create a stable relationship with every customer and to do that we need to improve every time we work for them. That is why at the end of every mandate, we construct a retrospective to understand what we can do to improve our relationship. The strong relationship that we establish with candidates and companies allows us to collect precious information that we process digitally. It is a pillar of Agile methodology applied to recruiting.


Consultancy for advanced companies. Free.

We want to give our customers added value even during the current pandemic. So, we have decided to transform this difficult moment for the recruitment sector into an opportunity by sharing our skills with our customers, free of charge. A shot of consultancy to explore key issues for advanced companies, like Agile methods, process digitalisation, smart working management and OKR. This is our way of helping companies evolve and demonstrating our knowledge of issues that go beyond the world of personnel recruitment. We are offering the pick of our knowhow in an hour- long video call with one of our CEOs, Daniele Bacchi or Alessandro Raguseo, who will speak to you and then follow up with a series of e-mails offering further information. We are sharing all this and showing you the heart of our organisation, because we believe it and our experiments work.

HR Team Upgrade Program.
Company staff training.

Company HR staff training is a key competitive sphere, because HR is sector that is particularly affected by technological innovation and the skills it requires are increasingly sophisticated. For companies who want to develop the skills of its HR staff, we have created the HR Team Upgrade Program, an academy that focuses on the most up-to-date personnel recruitment methods. The training model is divided into theory lessons with our trainers, practical exercises with digital tools and project work on real cases. The lessons can be held in groups or in 1-to-1 formats and either face-to-face or remote. Our trainers are senior Headhunters, accompanied by members of staff, such as Marketing or IT experts for in-depth details on technical and transversal skills. The HR Team Upgrade Program modules can be customised, and they cover all the stages in the Headhunting process: Recruiting essentials, Interviews and Insights, Negotiation and on-boarding.


“ Being able to present something new to customers every week gives us incomparable energy. We know that we bring real value because our inventions are born from a careful study of our customers’ needs. This is why our calls are never general follow ups, but proposals carefully designed to bring innovation. ” Valentina Ippolito, Key Account Manager

Market surveys
and research.

We are analysts at heart and our idea of innovation is firmly founded on data analysis. We collect all the data in every mandate by default, and we have highly developed analysis and benchmarking capacities. These are very useful qualities that we put at the disposal of our customers through a wide variety of tailored surveys, including:

  • Candidate experience, that helps answer fundamental questions, like “why do some candidates complete the recruitment process and then turn down my offer?”;
  • employer branding surveys, that help answer the question “what do candidates not like about my company brand? And how can I define my talent acquisition requirements better?”; and

  • Employee engagement and work climate surveys, that ask colleagues at the right and in the right way what they think of the company, what they would change and how we could make them feel even more at home.

We like introducing our customers to data culture and accompanying them in new strategies based on the certainty of numbers.

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