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Be part of the change.

We have chosen to adopt a scientific approach at every stage of our work, which means we analyse our processes continually to find new areas of improvement. Every day we reinvent ourselves and ask: “What next?”. In this section we recount all the innovations we are implementing: new services, new work methods, new technologies and new cultures. We invite our customers to be part of the change by asking them to try out, today, a preview of the methods that will transform Headhunting tomorrow.

continuous improvement.

We believe in achieving continuous improvement by sharing our experience and data. We want to create a stable relationship with every customer and to do that we need to improve every time we work for them. That is why at the end of every mandate, we construct a retrospective to understand what we can do to improve our relationship. The strong relationship that we establish with candidates and companies allows us to collect precious information that we process digitally. It is a pillar of Agile methodology applied to recruiting.

Update for forward-thinking companies. Constant and concrete.

We want to bring value to the world of HR beyond the mandates we are given. This is why we decided to add to the monthly newsletter that we send out to those who wish to receive it, short email cycles dedicated to key topics for advanced companies, such as Agile HR, OKR, process digitalization, and smart working management. This is our way of contributing to the evolution of companies and making ourselves appreciated for what we know, beyond the world of recruitment services. In four or five concrete and operational weekly emails, we give you our best: in fact, it is one of our CEOs, Daniele Bacchi and Alessandro Raguseo, who goes into depth on the topic in question. We share everything that works for us and our experiments, showing you the heart of our organization.

R&D Lab.

In our labs, we approach headhunting services with techniques and strategies typical of product development, such as continuous improvement and user experience. We always focus on one of our headhunters as the first consumer, who in turn communicates value to clients and candidates. Since our foundation, the research and development lab has produced a number of results that improve the daily life and performance of Reverser, increasing satisfaction and results.

Valentina Ippolito, Key Account Manager

“ Being able to present something new to customers every week gives us incomparable energy. We know that we bring real value because our inventions are born from a careful study of our customers’ needs. This is why our calls are never general follow ups, but proposals carefully designed to bring innovation. ”Valentina Ippolito, Key Account Manager

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