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Flexible, scientific processes
structured around company DNA.

We develop every Headhunting project around our customers’ DNA because company values are essential for finding and recruiting the best talent. None of our projects are like any of the others, even if they all have the same hallmark. Namely, the application of a scientific method and a data- driven approach that illuminates our every step.

Flexibility, readiness to change and guaranteed results, these are the elements of a successful strategy:

  • Service advisory and company assessment
  • Candidate design
  • Hunting
  • Behavioural interview
  • Job reputation analysis
  • Technical interview
  • Offer of employment
  • Onboarding

Lorenzo Cattelani, Managing Director Italy

“ Believing in innovation and cultivating long-term thinking is our dogma. Envisaging and understanding what the market will choose in 36 months’ time is the greatest challenge a Reverser faces. ”Gioia Busi, SR HR Project Manager

Our Advisory Service
and company assessment

Our Advisory Service pinpoints the difficulties customers may have encountered when managing research internally or outsourcing it. It is not just a simple chat to break the ice, but a structured workshop in which we identify the key points we will focus our efforts on in the process we are embarking on together. Our Advisory Service is a snapshot of the condition of a company that we construct together thanks to the guidance of our software programmes that scientifically trace current situations and group them into clusters. IT IS A diagnosis that helps us anticipate situations instead of enduring them.

Our Company Assessments distil the DNA of companies so we can make them ours. We get to know the company intimately, with all its strengths and if they exist, any weaknesses that may emerge during our interviews. So, we know how to handle them. Because often the problem is not finding candidates, but making the right offer of employment, and the key is to begin with a structured analysis of the company. We do this with a scientific method and technology that we use to collect all relevant information and insert it in our system. Our sensitive understanding of company culture and the relationship scenario is consolidated by objective data that guides us throughout the mandate and becomes a pool of knowledge that we share with the company. This is why you will always be accompanied by your own trusted Headhunter.

Candidate Design.

Candidate profiling is a crucial step in the success of a Headhunting mission. We need to define who we are looking for and study the right offer of employment to ensure they agree and stay. Our Candidate Design method is scientific not only due to the technologies it uses, like smart boards and analysis software, but also because of its insight. The candidate, in fact, is no longer seen as an individual element, but emerges as a figure within a context: the company they will become a part of. To understand who our customer really needs and how to recruit them, we map out the company’s ecosystem on a smart board along with its history, values, relationship architecture and functional structures.

It is like a group photo in which the only thing that is missing is the candidate we need to find. Thanks to meticulous data collection that includes the HR Manager, Line Manager and any other related company figures, we collect the information that allows us to avoid useless obstacles in later activities because we always know which figures will suit the company and which will not. Only when we have mapped out the company do we create the profile we need to find on our smart board.

And at that point, with the bulk of the data in front of us, a rich and detailed profile emerges that is not limited to traditional profiling information but includes the candidate’s values, professional expectations and character traits. It is a profile constructed on scientific bases that show our customers who is the right candidate for them. And sometimes that person is slightly different to the one they thought they needed to find.

Alessandro Raguseo, CEO

“ The world of HR consultancy is a world that smells of offices. And desks. But I have always preferred the aroma of laboratories and workshops. There is something more concrete in those environments. There is more meaning, more experimentation. We have created that atmosphere and we like to breathe in that aroma every day. ”Alessandro Raguseo, CEO


Our Headhunting is structured like a wide-ranging market survey. The strategy we adopt starts from a definition of the hunting range that is based on a careful analysis of the sector the customer’s company and competitors operate in. We then move onto an operating stage which involves intercepting both active candidates on job advertising platforms, and passive ones, who are the most sought after and difficult to find and recruit. We reach them via a highly advanced hunting method and Hound, an electronic search software programme we have developed internally. As soon as we find a candidate in line with our search we collect and order all the information regarding them on the web.

This wealth of information is much more up-to-date and comprehensive than that found in normal databases. In this phase we also begin to create a relationship with our candidates through a motivational interview to understand their real desire for change. We listen to their expectations and their stories and we translate that into precious digital information for our customers. And while we get to know the candidates, they begin to get to know our customer because right from these first contacts we pass onto them everything we collected in the previous Company Assessment phase, like the company’s attraction points and the vacant position.

Behavioural interviews
and technical interviews

The first behavioural interview is held by our Headhunters and has a dual scope. The first is to present the customer company in the best possible light and the second is to understand the person’s expectations and ensure they are in line with the project offered. Then the Headhunter seeks to discover why the person is changing job while also understanding whether they have the soft skills required to cover the position. After this first interview something happens that is unique in the panorama of Headhunting. It is something we have invented at Reverse and it allows us to significantly raise the quality of our recruitment. We are talking about a second technical interview with one of our Scouts. 

Our Scouts are sector professionals and we ask them to investigate all the aspects linked to the technical skills stipulated in the mandate. At the end of this interview, the Scout compiles a technical assessment and the customer company therefore has the benefit of a specialist’s opinion before presenting the candidates to their internal managers. Our Scouts are the Human Resources Manager’s best friend as thanks to their technical assessment they speak the same language as the Line Manager and so there are no misunderstandings or time wasting with candidates whose CVs may seem ideal but on closer inspection are not.

Job Reputation Analysis.

During our first contacts with candidates, we establish the image they have of the company and the vacant position. We collect this precious information by tracing the responses of both active and passive candidates. We then structure them in our own quality-based market survey that we call our Job Reputation Analysis. This clearly presents how the job market assesses the company and what it offers and explains why some perfect candidates decide not to continue with the recruitment process.

Sharing this information with the customer is an important moment in our Headhunting method that provides a greater understanding of search opportunities and key issues and allows us to plan the best strategy for recruiting the talent required together. The data also helps carefully thought-out decisions to be taken regarding brand appeal and salary considerations. As, thanks to our data-driven approach, nothing is based on sensations but on clear data and a precise reference market survey.

Our Job Reputation Analysis is a tool that facilitates HR work as it clarifies to the entire company, including the top management, the scenario in which every search process is conducted.

  • A quantitative analysis of the people found and contacted, with a focus on how many of them were interested the first time they were contacted. This shows how difficult the position is to fill.

  • An analysis of competitor companies in the recruitment process and how much they are willing to pay for the same profile.

  • Details of profiles who were interested the first time they were contacted and their reason for changing. And above all, the reasons why certain candidates were not interested.

and Onboarding

As Headhunters we are only too well aware that the success or failure of our work lies in the final furlong of the recruitment process. The company and candidate have now met but they have not yet chosen each other. Whether the process is successful depends not only on the financial element, but also on a free, comfortable and inclusive exchange of ideas. Having reached this point, thanks to our scientific method we have an in-depth knowledge of both the company and the candidate, and thanks to the empathy of our Headhunters we have created a good relationship with both of them.

After the first working day, we continue to accompany candidate and customer with delicacy and care because we know how essential the onboarding phase is. In line with our data-driven approach, we collect feedback from the company and candidate throughout the initial collaboration period, in a structured process that stimulates communication between both parties. And wherever there is communication, working together is always enjoyable.

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