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Our Scouts.
Pure professionals.

Our Scouts are external professionals who work together with Reverse and play a leading role in our Collaborative Recruiting® processes. They are highly specialised in the same skills we are looking for in our candidates and their perspective helps us ensure our recruitment process is always objective. In addition to conducting technical interviews, they also help the Industry Team Headhunters navigate the ocean of technical skills by giving them advice about the reference sector and specialised areas the candidates can be contacted through, thereby extending our search channels through their own networks.

Scouts love their work and their sector and enjoy talking with candidates about their skills and new technologies and methods. They write effective reports after every interview that convey the true value of candidates to the customer. The candidates also feel understood and appreciated and enjoy a peerless candidate experience that we ask them to assess with a feedback survey at the end of every interview. Being a Scout means playing a key role in recruiting talents and sharing with us an experience that enhances the participants as both professionals and people.

Elettra Paladini, Industry Leader

“ We have created a network of hundreds of managers and technical professionals who assess candidates’ skills in the same way the internal staff of the company seeking to employ them would. This is the precious role our Scouts play. ”Elettra Paladini, Industry Leader

How do I become a Scout?

The first step in joining our team of Scouts is to make an application. Once you have completed the registration procedure, our Headhunters will contact you for more information. Our Scouts are high level professionals, who have experience in recruitment in their particular area and can verify candidates’ technical skills. This is why they must have several years’ seniority and have already taken part in recruitment processes within their own company. Another key quality is to work or have worked in roles that involve leading a team.

Once you have become a Scout, our Headhunters will involve you in mandates where your experience will be useful. In these cases, rapid responses will lead to us choosing certain Scouts over others, as time is a key factor for our customers. To avoid disturbing normal company business, interviews with our Scouts can be conducted in video calls outside work hours.

The precious contribution
of our Scouts.

Part of the Scout’s mandate is to work together with us on certain activities that are key to the success of the recruitment process. They help us write engaging job descriptions for the best candidates, help us pre-screen CVs and above all lead the technical interview from which a report will be generated regarding the hard skills of the finalist candidates. This helps the Headhunter Industry Team accompany companies throughout the selection process.

We work together with hundreds of Scouts from
all over Europe. Here is some of their feedback:

"As a project manager, it always annoyed me when headhunters sent me random CVs of so-called “qualified candidates”. These might have matched my request on paper, but on closer inspection or questioning, they turned out to be unsuitable. When Reverse approached me about the Scout concept, I was very enthusiastic. As an expert, the scout can really find out whether the candidate has the required technical skills or not. In this way, companies will interview really qualified candidates only and will be 100% satisfied with them." Thomas B. - SAP Project Manager

"Working with Reverse is always a lot of fun. The concept of Reverse is very exciting and it is motivating to find the right candidate among many young talents. In job advertisements and also in applications, the descriptions often leave a lot of room for misunderstanding. It's annoying when this only becomes apparent after you have been hired. The task of the scouts is to find the perfect matching so that Reverse can present the customer with a perfect preselection. It is also important to recognize the interests of the candidates, because a hiring should ultimately be a win-win situation." Matthew B. - Senior Software Engineer

"I always enjoy working as a scout. For me, it's not the financial thing that matters. Rather, I find the job as a talent scout a really great opportunity to bring my many years of professional experience to help companies find the ideal candidate." Paul S. - CTO

What characteristics do I need
to have to become a Scout?

Scouts are professionals, who are not directly hired by Reverse, with a high level of expertise in a specific technical area. They are team leaders, senior managers, significant figures in the company they work for. In addition to their technical and managerial skills, the Scouts must be able to handle an interview. Apply as a Scout and we’ll evaluate your application!.

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