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Press Release

November 15, 2023
Phishing Attempt in the Name of Reverse

Reverse has become aware of fraudulent practices in which, by using instant messaging and email communications, individuals claiming to operate on behalf of Reverse, induce users to share their phone number and/or other personal data/information.

Reverse is in no way involved or associated with such illegal practices, which are detrimental to its image, good commercial name, and reputation, as well as the correct operation of its staff.

Reverse reminds that all communications from its staff occur exclusively through official channels and authorized contacts, and especially that personal data and information are never requested in the context of a first contact.

Reverse recommends paying utmost attention and carefully verifying the source of any communication that seems suspicious, particularly if it involves requests for data and information sharing.

Reverse invites you to write to to request any additional information or to report further phishing attempts, and thanks you in advance for your cooperation.

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If you have received suspicious contacts via WhatsApp or SMS asking for data sharing, be cautious. It is not from Reverse, but a fraudulent contact attempt. Read more here.