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Scientific, agile
and hyper-specialised.
Our Headhunting.

We have turned Headhunting into a precise science, in which time to hire is reduced to a minimum and the candidate matches company requirements perfectly. This is because, thanks to our scientific method and technologies, we can personalise our strategy to suit every recruitment mandate and ensure it is conducted flawlessly. High-value and, above all, certified candidates are therefore successfully recruited thanks to our Collaborative Recruiting® process in which two specialisation levels overlap: one for Professionals and one for Industry.

Daniele Bacchi, CEO

“ Thanks to technology and our obsession for innovation we give our Headhunters the chance to raise the quality of our service. We are like track engineers who study telemetry to allow (human) drivers to improve. Our times improve. Circuit after circuit. Mandate after mandate. ”Daniele Bacchi, CEO

We attract high-value candidates
who represent your world.

In our Collaborative Recruiting® method, candidates’ hard skills are assessed by our Scouts, who are specialists in the same professional category as the profile we are looking for, but at a more senior level. Soft skills, on the other hand, are assessed by our Industry Teams, that consist of Headhunters from the sector the company operates in and are therefore equipped to understand company culture and assess the candidate’s soft skills.

We give you concrete information.
To help you make the right decisions.

Headhunting is based on choices and we have methods for recognizing which are the wrong ones, before making them. This is the power of data and the capacity to transform it into clear information to base decisions on. When we select managers and professionals for companies, we structure an information platform to ensure that the talents we identify meet our customers’ needs and expectations precisely. This is our approach throughout the Headhunting process, from the first meetings with the customer to interviews with the candidate and assistance during onboarding. It is our method for ensuring that we identify, attract and recruit the best managers for your organisation.

Silvia Orlandini, Chief People Officer

“ After years of experience in Headhunting processes, I have become acutely aware of the fact that recruitment is not the exclusive prerogative of the HR area, but of the entire company. ”Silvia Orlandini, Chief People Officer

A memorable Candidate Experience,
from the first step

We are your company's first touch point with candidates. Your future managers start with us the journey that will lead you, together, to business success. We cover this role with responsibility and with all the required attention to give voice to your brand in the best way.

Let’s go deeper

Learn more about headhunting from our CEO’s.

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