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Dedicated, technological
and tailor-made. Our RPO.

Imagine a team of Scouts and Head Hunters entirely dedicated to you. Thanks to its scientific methods and advanced technology, this team operates in perfect harmony with your company and organises a comprehensive recruitment process from defining the most suitable candidate profiles to checking they have settled in. This is our Recruiting Process Outsourcing, a service that can be completely customised from the seniority of the team members to their specialised skills, time, responsibilities, and even their remote or in-office work presence.

Thanks to our technology, you will be updated in real time on how your projects are progressing and the activities the team is conducting for you. Our RPO is an option that optimizes your search costs, as it creates a work team that is a truly reliable partner. A team that, thanks to its sophisticated analysis techniques and Collaborative Recruiting®, attracts talented professionals and transmits your company’s culture and values, as if it were an integral part of your own internal HR division.

activity areas

Attraction & Sourcing

In synergy with your HR personnel, we will identify the right combination of Head Hunting activities and channels to reach your target candidates.

Recruiting & Evaluation

We will draw up a shortlist of the most suitable candidates to optimize the time required to fill the position. We will also take care of all the steps in the recruitment process, from screening CVs to providing interview support and candidate feedback.


We can also help you with certain candidate welcoming and administration activities.

Monitoring & Reporting: Job Reputation Analysis

Via an online platform, you will always be updated with regard to:
  • the candidates presented and their state of progress
  • all the activities carried out by our personnel: just a click is all you need to open a timeline of all the activities carried out in real time;
  • the entire search funnel and its various time indicators (Time to Make an Offer, Time to hold an Interview, Time to get Feedback);
  • the market survey created from the feedback of all the candidates contacted who have chosen not to continue with the selection process.

This is what we will put at your disposal:

  • a dedicated full-time Recruitment Consultant;
  • dedicated scouts who will provide you with technical assessments of the candidates in the pipeline;
  • priority access to our profile database;
  • talent head hunting focused on your specific requirements;
  • a presentation on the exclusive post-interview report dashboard;
  • interview agenda management;
  • salary negotiation handling and support.
Silvia Fiori

" We believe that we are already living the future. That is to say, we manage complex projects using a scientific method that allows us to trace every action, update our detailed reports in real time and share our progress with customers with complete transparency. "Silvia Fiori, Delivery Manager

One choice,
numerous benefits.

  • Relying on a Reverse team with all its advanced technology allows you to focus all your energy on your core business.
  • And you can successfully handle a vast number of recruitment processes, even with limited company staff.
  • It is an opportunity to benefit from a reliable internal team of Head Hunters with methods and technologies that turn personnel recruitment into a scientific process.
  • You will have a task force that can operate independently, at your disposal, plus all the technology you need to monitor its work at any time.
  • Thanks to our structured method, costs and times will be optimised right from the very first step in the process.
  • The team will also develop a detailed knowledge of the company and its values. So it can transmit them in full to candidates.
  • Thanks to Collaborative Recruiting® you will no longer waste the time and talents of your most qualified staff in hours of technical interviews, as our scouts will validate all candidates’ hard skills.
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