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Data Driven Project: knowledge tailored to your strategic projects.

Our most advanced service, dedicated to projects that involve a high volume of placements and are therefore highly complex.

When recruitment volumes increase, there must also be changes in how this flow is managed. The HR department must be able to coordinate multiple search and selection processes and hit its targets without losing sight of corporate priorities, budgets and values.

With Data Driven Project we support you in placements by creating a complete and satisfying journey for all parties: your team, Line Managers and Senior Management. We are always guided by our two guiding lights: a scientific method and a data-driven approach.

However, bear in mind that there is plenty of talk about using data, HR Analytics and data-driven projects, but less about how complex it is to collect and interpret this data so that it really benefits the HR department. We will be your guide in this universe of people and numbers. As HR people, you will understand how to use data to make wise decisions that leave no doubt. Your position in the company will now be based on numbers rather than opinions.

Data Driven Project is a bespoke service: nothing is standard, everything is customised to answer your questions and get you where you want to be.

Together we don't open positions, we close them.
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But this project is not for everyone.
It is a journey for those who refuse to accept defeat.

A key step in the standard Headhunting service we offer you is Job Reputation Analysis. With Data Driven Project we go the extra mile: we are constantly paying great attention to the labour market. This feeds back information that only you and the Line Managers involved will be able to transform into concrete actions for your company.

Your dedicated Unit will be at your side at every stage: from analysis of critical issues to data collection, interpretation of information to suggested actions. In addition, we naturally deal with the final step - which is where organisations often, erroneously, start: Recruiting.

Data Driven RPO:
new era Headhunting.

How will we actually work together then? This is a highly customisable service: together we will determine which strategic items are the most important for you, so that we will be able to effectively keep them on track.

  • the percentage of responses of applicants to the offer, where they are from, and their level of interest
  • what the most appealing message for applicants is, as shown by tracking the response rate
  • how much impact salary has on their decisions
  • how many applicants choose not to continue in the process and, above all, why
  • whether there is resistance from Line Managers and how you can overcome it
  • what types of companies your ideal candidates come from

Forget long email exchanges: all the results of our research will be shared with you on the dashboard that we will analyse together during the weekly Iteration Meetings: your dedicated Unit will work alongside your team to analyse the results of our research and identify in real time the actions to be put in place.

All this occurs in a continuous flow: while the software analyses the data, your dedicated Head Hunters continue the search and the job interviews to present the new results to you at the next weekly meeting.

It's a circular process, designed in our laboratories for fluid and organised management of high volumes.

Some of the strategic data we will share with you.

On a weekly basis we will share with you information tailored to your needs. In the following slides you will have a glance about some of the information we will share with you during the iteration meetings.


Each chart is customisable to show you exactly what data makes the difference for your recruiting process.

This is just a taste of our Data Driven Project.

Do you want to know more about the custom projects we can design for you? Drop us your email to learn more.

Recruiting, Employer Branding, Candidate Design:
the three dimensions of Talent Attraction in one solution.

We said that Recruiting is the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, there is no effective recruitment plan if it is not based on good Employer Branding, and there is no successful Employer Branding if it does not start with a proper analysis of Recruiting needs, what we call the Candidate Design.

We arrive at the placement stage with the security that only science can guarantee. We use our proprietary software to show you how to react to market movements, how your company's positioning is changing, where your applicants are and what they are looking for, and your competitors on this journey.

We combine three services in a single solution: an interactive, fluid and structured Candidate Design phase for exploring your placement needs, a consulting assessment based on real data to make your company attractive to the right applicant at the right time, a flawless targeted search and selection phase, aimed at closing.

Nothing is pre-packaged; our Data Driven Project is like a building: we provide you with a solid foundation and structure and then we decide together how to furnish the interiors.

Daniele Bacchi, CEO

“ The word technology is often misused: many say that they are data driven and for those who are not tech savvy it is not easy to distinguish when this is real and when it is just marketing. ”Daniele Bacchi, CEO

Data Driven Project tips.

How can a coordinated and composite service be summarised in a few points? Let's have a go:

  • One or more Units at your disposal: a team of experienced Head Hunters, led by a project manager with experience in major projects. The process will also involve the Scout, who is a key player in Collaborative Recruiting®, the first invention of our research laboratories. This way, you don't have to choose how many people you want to see physically sitting in your offices - an entire team is available to you remotely, or in person as needed.
  • Constant monitoring: you will never lose track of the activities that Reversers are performing for you, thanks to the weekly meetings where we share each activity and the results achieved. This will give you full visibility of how effective your investment in this project is, rather than just the number of hours we spend sitting at a desk.
  • Effective recruitment with Data Intelligence: we use data analysis to scientifically interpret the market in order to provide an objective overview and boost the effectiveness of search and selection.
  • Lots of data but easy to analyse: the Employer View is a single user-friendly platform that guarantees maximum transparency on strategic information.
  • Agile approach: interactive whiteboards, iteration meetings, candidate design enable us to be lean and responsive, and to adapt plans according to your needs. Even at the last minute.
  • Volume and speed x3: using proprietary technology, Reverse's Head Hunters can offer three times the performance, volume and speed of the old world of Search and Selection.

Are you looking for talent in a fast and efficient way?

The path for recruiting the best talent is clearly mapped, it is up to you to choose us to be your guide and reach the top of the mountain.

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