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Collaborative Recruiting®.
Dual specialisation.

We have applied to Headhunting, the collaborative business model that is already present in many sectors. The result is Collaborative Recruiting®, our first invention and the only possible response to the ever-growing demand for specialisation. Thanks to Collaborative Recruiting®, candidates’ hard skills are assessed by our Scouts, who are specialised professionals operating in the same professional category as the profile we are looking for, but at a more senior level.

Our Scouts accompany our Headhunters throughout the recruitment process from writing job descriptions to conducting technical interviews, their strategically most important task. After every interview, the Scout compiles a detailed technical report, which are shared with the customer, so they have a complete overview of each profile.

This manner of conducting Headhunting is also extremely beneficial for candidates as they finally have the chance to speak to someone who speaks their language and can assess their professional experience correctly. This also enhances our customers’ brand reputation as, thanks to us, the candidate enjoys a high-level experience right from the very first steps in the recruitment process.

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Soft skills, on the other hand, are assessed by our Industry Teams, that consist of Headhunters from the sector the company operates in and are therefore equipped to understand company culture and assess the candidate’s soft skills.

If we are looking for a company CFO in the Fashion sector, we activate a team of Headhunters from the Fashion sector, accompanied by a Senior Finance Manager as a Scout who is responsible for checking technical skills. Everyone speaks their native language. Everyone understands everyone else. And both sides choose each other.

All this is possible thanks to our experimentation and technology. In fact, the relationships between all the parties involved are conducted through our proprietary software that streamlines communications and tracks every step. This means we can constantly monitor processes and intervene rapidly to optimise anything that can perform better.

“ This idea, like all the best ideas, is disconcertingly simple. It is that “But it was obvious!” idea on which we have built a world of successive certainties in a process of continuous experimentation that I cannot see the end of. And I don’t want to see the end of. ”Alessandro Raguseo, CEO

Alessandro Raguseo, CEO

“ It is the perfect recipe for a successful recruitment process: a technical interview with a Scout, a specifically assigned Headhunter and an extraordinary candidate experience. ”Silvia Orlandini, Chief People Officer

Anna Valenti, Senior Manager
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