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As we topped the podium in the Great Place to Work for Women classification, came third in the Great Place to Work, and third again in the Great Place to Work for Millennials, there must be a reason. Actually, there are several. We have a clear focus on inclusiveness and gender equality that is put into practice through real equality in terms of wages and access to managerial roles, and maternity leave that includes the years when children are small and facilitates the return-to-work phase, as enshrined in our Charter of Parenthood. Our organisation includes flexible and smart working processes. So, everyone can work where they want and arrange a work timetable with their team without having to ask for permission. We are particularly sensitive to young talent. We encourage their internal growth from juniors to managers, provide them with tech training and enhance their skills beyond their role by sponsoring passions through wide-reaching projects.

There are many other things, too, like children’s English courses, a work environment with a relaxation area, a room with exercise treadmills and yoga and pilates courses. If your work doesn’t make you happy, what is it for?

to the community

Thanks mainly to our commitment, but also to our talent, we are becoming a successful company. And we want to share our fortune by giving something back to our community. We have decided to do that by bridging the gap between university and work with an Academy aimed at students who are interested in joining the world of Digital Marketing and want to approach the job market with greater lucidity. 

Digital Acceleration is a free course that examines the key topics required to undertake a career as a Digital Marketer, a profession that is particularly sought after by companies. For tomorrow’s Reversers.

to the planet

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Wow, here we feel very small indeed. But we still want to do our part. We are a paperless company, so there is no paper in our offices and no printers or filing cabinets full of documents. It is a small matter, but a good starting point. In 2020, we were awarded the “Sodalitas Call for Future” trademark that distinguishes companies whose actions help achieve the goals for a sustainable future laid out in the 2030 UN Agenda.

Since 2021 we have been involved in Plant Revolution by planting a tree or adopting a beehive for every new Reverser. It is the new recruit who chooses a tree or a beehive according to the ecological issue they are most moved by. They can also choose the type and name, and are given a certificate of adoption. Something extra that unites all Reversers.

Lorenzo Cattelani, Managing Director Italy

“ We want our purpose to bring value to anyone who interacts with us. This goes beyond business and embraces the whole community. And it is why we are committed to projects that are dedicated to improving the social ecosystem and planet. ”Beatrice Böhm, Marketing and Communication Manager

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